Organization and purpose of DMO

A DMO is a corporate organization that plays a leading role in developing a tourist destination in terms of destination management while maximizing local economic capacity. In cooperation with various bodies, it collects and analyzes tourism-related data and implements strategies based on it.

The Taisetsu Kamui Mintara DMO aims to promote the area in and around Daisetsuzan National Park, nicknamed the “playground of the gods” (“Kamui Mintara”) by the Ainu people, as a new overnight tourist destination for visitors from across Japan and abroad. Our goal is to make it an area that people will want to visit again and again to experience the seasonal nature of the Daisetsuzan mountains, food, history, culture, and sports. In cooperation with the local public and private sectors, we aim to develop the area’s brand, promote tourism-related industries, and increase the non-resident population to invigorate the local economy and create a richer community.