SUMMER Summer Fun


Use the ropeway and enjoy a casual walk in the mountains.

We meet the needs of visitors participating in a wide variety of mountain treks, from easy day hiking to backpacking, you can enjoy a stroll without worrying about making it to the summit. Asahidake and Kurodake have several ropeways and trekking routes available which offer ideal places for hiking while enjoying the alpine flora and beautiful scenery.


There are a variety of climbing routes to choose from depending on your experience.

Daisetsuzan is called “the roof of Hokkaido”, and offers a variety of climbing routes to choose from depending on your level of experience, from day trips to long ridge walks. Along the way, there are many wonderful sights, including alpine flora, magnificent mountain ranges, summer flower gardens, and the changing colors of the autumn leaves. It's a mountain that every mountaineer needs to visit at least once.


rafting that can be enjoyed with the whole family, from white-water rapids to the countryside.

The Chubetsu River, which originates in Daisetsuzan, is a class-A river which flows through the Southern Kamikawa Basin. As the name, which comes from Ainu word “Chu (having waves) / Betsu (river)”, suggests, the white-water rapids go on and on, letting you experience the excitement of rafting. Enjoy easy access to the Asahikawa airport, which is about 15 minutes by car.


Experience a lifetime in one short summer. Everyone wants to come across that moment of brilliance.

Daisetsuzan's alpine flora, which are said to exceed 200 species, sprout all at once from the latter half of July to the middle of August. There are many endemic species such as Miyama willow and Ezo willow, and even at low altitudes, visitors can look forward to encountering high alpine flora that are usually found on the 3,000 meter-class mountains of Honshu.

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WINTER Winter Fun


Its thrills and speed feels like a rodeo in the snow.

At “Asahiyama Snow Village,” which is adjacent to Asahiyama Zoo, visitors can enjoy riding on rubber boats and banana boats that are pulled over the snow by snowmobiles. They run around a 300 meter zigzag course. The thrill of this experience, which can only happen in the winter, can truly be called a “rodeo in the snow”.


There are a range free skating rinks and skating rinks that charge admission. So it's easy to enjoy ice skating here.

In Hokkaido, ice skating is such a familiar sport that people often convert the grounds of elementary and junior high schools into skating rinks during the winter season. “Yukki Rink” at JR Asahikawa Station's South Plaza offers free skates and free admission, so we recommended that you give it a try while sightseeing.