Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake Ski Resort

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Take a 1.2 km trip to experience the magnificent nature of Hokkaido

Located in the mountains, this ski area has weather that changes easily, showing a variety of faces as it does. You can enjoy different scenery every time you ski down. Feel the snow and cold air with your whole body while listening to the sounds of the nature.

Basic information

Elevation at summit 1,520 m
Elevation at base 1,320 m
Difference in elevation 200 m
Average snowfall 320 m
Number of courses 25°
Maximum skiing distance 1,200 m
Ticket prices 280 yen – 3,800 yen
Hours of operation 9:00 a.m. – 3:20 p.m.
Days open Early November
Days closed Early May
School information: type, price No
Access 90 min. by car from Asahikawa Station
Address Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-1701
Night skiing available No
Other features A mountainous ski area with the lift that goes up to a 1,520 m altitude Thanks to the abundant snowfall, this ski area has a long season from mid November to early May. Enjoy the high-quality dry powder snow.

Winter pair lift prices

One-Day Pass (two-way ropeway & unlimited lift rides)

Children (elementary school) Adults (junior high school students and older)
One-Day Pass 2,200 yen 3,800 yen

Ticket sets (ropeway fees are charged separately)

Children (elementary school) Adults (junior high school students and older)
Set of 5 Tickets 1,260 yen 1,800 yen
1 Ticket 280 yen 400 yen


Children (elementary school) Standard prices Group fare (10 people or more) Special discount fare*
Two-Way Ticket 1,000 yen 850 yen 550 yen
One-Way Ticket 550 yen 500 yen 300 yen
Adults (junior high school students and older) Standard prices Group fare (10 people or more) Special discount fare*
Two-Way Ticket 1,950 yen 1,700 yen 1,000 yen
One-Way Ticket 1,100 yen 900 yen 550 yen

* Special discount
For people with physical/mental disability, requires a certificate issued by a local government
・Type 1, 1st degree, mental disability certificate: for the disabled person and their guardian

The ropeway and lift are closed for maintenance until March 29, 2019.

Rental fees

Rental equipment Rental hours (one day)
Ski set 3,500 yen
Skis 2,000 yen
Ski boots 1,000 yen
Ski poles 500 yen
Ski outerwear 1,000 yen
Snow shoes set
* For use inside the ski area only
2,000 yen
Boots, gloves 500 yen


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