Asahiyama Zoo

Look from above, gaze from below, see things from the viewpoint of prey. A zoo that is arranged in “activity-based exhibitions”, in which animal behavior is showcased. With the switch from static display type exhibits, the main type of exhibits used in Japan up until now, to an exhibit type that showcases the animals’ inherent behaviors, its now possible to observe their vibrant and impressive ecology. There are also events that can only be seen at night during the winter, which allows you to get a deeper, up close and personal understanding of the animals.

3-6 Street

Hokkaido’s no. 2 shopping district. In addition to being at Sanjo-dori, 6-chome, it is affectionately known by the locals as “Base town” because of its location at the foot of the Daisetsu mountains. There are more than 1,000 restaurants in the area, and many have an atmosphere that hearkens back to a bygone era. It is also known as “cocktail town”, due to the large number of expert bartenders working there.
3-6 Street is situated in the center of the city. Because there are plenty of hotels nearby, it is an ideal base from which visitors can stroll the neighborhood and discover the culinary delights that can only be found here.

Daisetsu Forest Garden

A garden in which around 800 varieties of flowers show off their rich and varied colors according to the season. The “Forest Garden” is arranged and planted according to 5 different themes. The “Forest Guest House” utilizes the rolling terrain and native trees, while you can forget time altogether and relax in the 3 areas of the “Forest of Fun,” where you can feel the warmth of trees in the deep forest. A nearby hotel and restaurant facility owned by Kiyomi Mikuni, a master of French cuisine, allows visitors to fully appreciate the world view of the garden.