Road Station Asahikawa

Located along national highway 237, this road station is a 5-minute walk from Asahikawa Station and easily accessible even without a vehicle. The shop sells Asahiyama Zoo and Asappi goods, as well as specialty sweets and specialty products made in and around Asahikawa. The food court, where you can enjoy the local gourmet dish, Asahikawa Ramen, features Asahikawa-made tables and chairs. You can get a sense of its high-quality, and the simplicity and functionality of its design. In addition, you can experience Asahikawa’s culture at both the “Asahikawa City Museum” and the “Ayako Miura Literature Museum”, which are both located nearby.

Roadside Station Tohma

Located along Route 39, this is the closest road station to the Sekihoku Pass and connects Asahikawa to Kitami. The most popular item in the gift shop is the “Densuke Watermelon,” famous for its distinctive black skin. During the summer, when they are in season, high-quality watermelons are available. There are also plenty of gourmet specialties such as soft-serve ice cream and cider that use Densuke watermelons as their main ingredient. In the winter time, Toma rice and tomato juice replace the watermelons as the most popular product. A new specialty product, the top-quality sake “Ryuu no Izumi”, available since 2018, is garnering attention. Newly famous, this sake is aged in the Toma limestone cave, and can only be produced in Toma.

Roadside Station Higashikawa

The Higashikawa “Michikusakan” is located along Route 1160, which leads to Asahidake. The soft ice cream counter, which is open all year, sells “Kirari”, a popular soft ice cream that features a cute, snow crystal-shaped pie. Also, the original handwritten maps “Asahidake / Tenjinkyo Map”, “Gourmet Map” and “Craft Map” are regularly updated and provide the latest information, so we recommend you stop here before you go to Asahidake or Tenjinkyo, pick up these maps and enjoy a tour around Higashikawa town.

Roadside Station Biei Oka no Kura

Biei has two roadside stations, which is rare even in Japan. Oka no Kura, located a 3-minute walk from Biei Station, is a renovated stone warehouse built in the early Taisho period using Biei soft stone. There is a restaurant that serves the local gourmet Biei curry udon, as well as souvenirs related to Biei such as sweets, woodwork, and ceramics, making it a popular sightseeing and shopping base for many people.

Roadside Station Biei Shirogane Biruke

Opened in 2018 near the famous Blue Pond in Biei. Based on the concept of ``Delicious! Fun! Beautiful!'', it serves as a base for communicating the charms of Biei to tourists, and also rents out bicycles in the summer. There is also a hamburger shop that uses local ingredients and a specialty store for outdoor goods, making it a facility that anyone can enjoy. Please stop by when you go to the Shirogane area or Aoiike.