It was around the year 1,900 that the first candy store opened in Asahikawa. At the time, the town was bustling and prosperous due to the opening of the railroad and the relocation of the former army. Along with that prosperity came an increase in the demand for souvenirs, leading to the development of a candy culture. These days, with the advent of local specialties like candy made using soy sauce, sweets with regional characteristics have emerged. The reason for this is that farm-fresh produce and dairy products are produced locally, and fresh ingredients are readily available. The secret of delicious sweets is the careful use of high-quality ingredients.

Asahikawa Furniture

Asahikawa is one of the five major furniture producing regions in Japan. “High-quality wood” and “simple, functional design” are the hallmarks of the Asahikawa furniture brand, and there are more than 100 furniture manufacturers, including neighboring towns, producing unique, high-quality furniture. We are working to develop the furniture industry and train craftsmen through several initiatives, such as the “International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa” (IFDA), held once every three years, the annual “Asahikawa Design Week” (ADW), and the “Using the Local Trees Project”, which crafts furniture using wood from locally-sourced trees.


Asahikawa, blessed in both climate and natural features, is one of the best sake regions in Hokkaido, producing sake of such high quality that it is known as “The Nada of the North”. We use rice cultivars produced in Hokkaido that are ideal for brewing sake, such as “Ginpu” and “Suisei”, and carefully prepare them as to preserve the natural flavor of Hokkaido. Water and temperature control are also important when brewing sake. Abundant water resources, starting with Daisetsuzan’s groundwater, and low winter temperatures that allow for slow fermentation, produce fine, high-quality sake.