【As of 1st Apr. 】Current situation of Corona Virus (COVID-19) within Taisetsu area

As of 1st April 2020,here is current status of major attractions in Taisetsu area(Asahikawa city and 7 towns around the city) due to the infection of Corona Virus. Please check the list below to arrange your itinerary.
(Red words: Renewed information from 24th Mar.)

【Asahikawa city】
Asahiyama Zoo
Open 10:00 to 15:30(Closed between Apr. 8th and 28th)
Snow Crystal Museum
Basically open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in April. It will return business as usual from 27th April.
Kamui Ski Links
Closed on 31st Mar. in this season.
Santa Present Park
Closed on 29th Mar. in this season.
Asahikawa Literary Museum
Return to business as usual from 26th March
Yasushi Inoue Memorial Hall
Return to business as usual from 26th March
Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara
Return to business as usual from 26th March
All library in Asahikawa city
Closed for the time being.
Asahikawa Science Center “Sci-Pal”
Return to business as usual from 26th March
Asahikawa City Museum
Return to business as usual from 26th March
Mori Mori Park
Closed for the time being.
Takasago Sake Brewery
Factory tour is unable to book. Sake tasting is not available.
Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum
Open as usual. Required to use paper cup for sake tasting
Aeon Mall Asahikawa-ekimae
Return to business as usual from 16th March
Asahikawa Tourist & Convention Association
Open 9:00 to 17:30 until 30th April(inside JR Asahikawa Train Station)
Asahikawa Ramen Village
Providing Kid’s special ramen between 20th Mar. and 6th Apr.
Naya Cafe
Will be renovated on 18th Apr. Ueno farm will reopen at the same time.
Miura Ayako Literature Museum
Open as regularly(Closed on Mondays)
Road Side Station, Asahikawa
Food Court and Kiosk open 17:00 or 18:00 between 1st April and 8th April.

【Higashikagura Town】
Park Golf at Higashikagura Forest Park
Returned to business as usual from 16th March
Upashi Forest in Higashikagura Forest Park
Finished on 29th February

【Tohma Town】
Mountain Tohma Ski Area
closed on 1st March in this season
Kurumina no Mokuyukan
Temporary closed until 27th March. At this moment, there is no plan after 20th March.
Road Side Staiton Tohma

【Pippu Town】
Pippu Ski Area
Closed on 22nd Mar. in this season.
Yuyu Pippu
Returned to business as usual from 20th March

【Aibetsu Town】
Closed until 31st March
Kyowa Onsen
Open as usual

【Kamikawa Town】
Kurodake Ropeway(Kurodake Ski Area)
Open as usual
Choyo Resort Hotel
Between 1st April and 5th April, and 19th April and 24th April
Sounkyo Choyotei
Closed between 6th April and 17th April.
Sounkaku Grand Hotel
Closed between 1st and 10th April, 12th and 16th.
Hotel Taisetsu
Closed between 1st and 3rd April, 5th and 10th, 13th and 15th.
Sounkyo Kankou Hotel
Closed 1st April, and between 5th and 11th April.
Hotel Kumoi
Closed between 1st April and 28th April.
Ice Pavilion
Open between 10:00 and 13:00
Kitanomori Garden
Restaurant closes Tuesdays and Thursdays until beginning of May 2020.
Sounkyo Tourist Association
45th Hyobaku Festival is finished on 28th February

【Higashikawa Town】
Canmore Ski Village
Finished on 29th February in this season
Asahidake Ropeway
Accomodaiton, Shikishima-So
Returned to business as usual from 14th March
Road Side Station Higashikawa